Google releases a new update for the Play Store

Finally, Google is updating its Play Store application for all Android users, which thus arrives at version 35.5.14. The update aims to improve the store’s overall experience, particularly regarding stability and usability, without neglecting the resolution of some bugs.

While an update of this nature may be a low priority, it is crucial to remember that it could significantly impact the user experience. The importance of applications and services the Mountain View giant provides on the Android platform cannot be underestimated. In this regard, the Google Play Store plays a critical role. A stable, speedy, and mostly bug-free platform enables Android users to rely on their devices to meet their requirements. Furthermore, to enhance the user experience, it is worth noting that the Google Play Store received an update in April with numerous new features, including some related to the platform itself.

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It will be the same system that will alert users to the availability of the new version of the Google Play Store, allowing them to proceed with the download and installation directly from the Android device.

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The most impatient can still proceed to download the APK file from APK Mirror and proceed to its manual installation (you can find the page dedicated to version 35.5.14 following this link).

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