One UI 5 Samsung hidden trick

IMG: Samsung

Samsung One UI 5.0 is an amazing upgrade that brings a host of new features and tricks to make your phone even better than before.

IMG: Samsung

Take selfies using Voice Command:

1. Open camera app 2. Tap the settings cog in the top-left corner 3. Scroll and tap shooting methods  4. Tap the toggles next to the voice control

Add Background Effects to Video Call:

1. Go to setting 2. Open Andvance features  3. Tap the toggle by video call effect 4. Scroll down and toggle on video call effects to enable 5. Tap into video call effects to see the background option.

Hide items in a secure folder:

1. Go to setting 2. Open Security and Privacy 3. Tap secure Foder 4. Tap Sign in, continue, or Agree 5. Then enter your account details, then tap Sign in or OK 6. Tap on continue to permission 7. Choose the lock method you wish to use, then tap next 8. Enter the lock method, then choose to continue 9. Enter the lock method again, then choose to confirm.

Mute incoming calls or alarms by flipping your phone:

1. Go to the setting 2. Open Advanced feature 3. Go to Motions and Gesture 4. Scroll down to easy Mute and slide the toggle to activate it.

Run two versions of Messaging app:

1. Go to setting 2. Open Advance feature 3. Go to Dual Messanger 4. Tap the switch next to the app you want to clone 5. Tap install 6. Read the disclaimer and tap Confirm 7. If You want to use a separate contacts list for cloned app, toggle this setting to on.

Eye comfort shield:

1. Go to settings  2. Open Display 3. Toggle to turn on the eye comfort shield switch to enable 4. Tap Eye comfort shield and edit to make necessary alterations for how you like it.