1. Touch and hold the screen  2. Click on the pill-shaped icon that appears at the top left of the screen 3. Here you will see five different categories for wallpaper, including featured, Gallery, Graphical, colors, and wallpaper services.

Change wallpaper

One UI 5 Home Screen Customization

1. Tap and hold the home screen the home screen  2. Here tap on the gear icon, which appears at the bottom right of the screen 3. You will get different options that offer a different option to customize the home screen.

Customizing Homscreen

Home screen layout: In this option, you will get two different option that helps to change the layout of home screens, such as Home and Apps screen

Home screen grid: With the help of this option, you can choose the space for apps; for instance, if you choose the 4×6 option, the apps will be arranged in that layout, which will make applying the maximum space for the apps. 

Apps screen grid: This option is used for deciding the arrangements of apps, it also offers the same concepts, but the difference is that it will only affect the app drawers page apps. 

Folder Grid with the help of this option, you can easily choose the size of folders you want to create on the home screen. 

Change app icon style 1. Go to Settings; 2. Now click on the wallpaper and style; 3. Here you will see the color palette option; tap it and turn on; 4. Now choose any of the color palettes which you think are good  5. Now turn on the apply palette to app icons. This will apply the color palette changes to apps as well.

Add or remove the widget from the Home screen Widgets also play an important part in the home screen interface, same as apps, because you can keep them on the home screen for use directly.