The lock screen of Galaxy devices contains several items, including Wallpapers: Live and Static, Clock, Fonts, Notification, Shortcuts, and Extra texts and emojis.


IMG: Samsung

1. Touch and hold the screen  2. Click on the pill-shaped icon that appears at the top left of the screen 3. Here you will see five different categories for wallpaper, including featured, Gallery, Graphical, colors, and wallpaper services.

Change wallpaper

1. First, follow the same step, click tap, and hold on the lock screen  2. Now tap on the clock, and you will see different option 3. By tapping on the first option containing the number, you will get a different font  4. Then you can set its different style by taping any tile containing different style 5. In the last, you will see different colors options in the round shape; just tap any of them  6. If you have finished all these changes, tap on done it will be set.

Change Clock style, Font, and Color

1. Long press on the lock screen 2. Now tap on the contact information menu 3. When you click on the option, a popup box appears  4. Now type anything in the tab whatever you want to display 5. After finishing typing tap done.

How to set text on the lock screen

1. Tap and Hold the lock screen for a while 2. The editing options will appear. Tap on notification icons that appear just below the clock 3. Here you will see different options with heads None, Icon only, and Detail

Changing the Notification Layout

1. Follow the same Tap and Hold proce 2. You will see two options at the bottom  3. Click any of them you will get different apps  4. Just click any of the ones and tap done  5. The process will be the same for the other option as well.

Add or change shortcuts for different app

Last year, Samsung introduced One UI 5.0, which is the latest upgrade of One UI that is based on Android 13. 

One UI 5.0

IMG: Samsung

It is the system UI skin of Samsung, which includes all the new features of the latest Android as well as provides additional features for Galaxy devices 

One UI 5.0

IMG: Samsung