Recently, the McAfee team has detected a new malware threat called Goldoson, which is affecting 60 Android applications that has more than 100 million downloads.

IMG: Samsung

If you are also a Galaxy user and using any of the malware-affected apps unknowingly, it will affect your device’s security and pose a threat of data theft. 

IMG: Samsung

To keep our users’ devices safe, we are providing a list of these malware-affected apps.

IMG: Samsung

L.POINT with L.PAY (10M+)

Swipe Brick Breaker (10M+)

Money Manager Expense & Budget (10M+)

TMAP (10M+)

Lotte Cinema (10M+)

Malware-affected Android applications

Genie Music (10M+)

Culture Land (5M+)

GOM Player (5M+)

Megabox (5M+)

LIVE Score, Real-Time Score (5M+)

Pikicast (5M+)

Compass 9: Smart Compass (1M+)

GOM Audio – Music, Sync lyrics (1M+)

GOM TV – All About Video (1M+)

Guninday (1M+)

LOTTE WORLD Magicpass (1M+)

Item Mania (1M+)

Bounce Brick Breaker (1M+)

Infinite Slice (1M+)

Pump (1M+)

SomNote – Beautiful note app (1M+)

Korea Subway Info: Metroid (1M+)


UBhind: Mobile Tracker Manager (1M+)

Happy mobile (1M+)

Mafu Driving (1M+)