Samsung launched the Galaxy Book2 Go

Samsung has now launched the second generation of the Galaxy Book series. According to the Korean giant, the Galaxy Book 2 Go is way faster than the Galaxy Book pro. 

As per the data, the company is claiming that it has a 40% faster CPU and a 35% more powerful GPU. Some functionalities have also been performing more smoothly, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Galaxy Book2 Go Specification

The Galaxy Book 2 Go is a compact device with a 14-inch IPS LCD display with Full HD resolution and a 180-degree hinge.

It has a powerful chipset which is introduced by snapdragon, which is designed on the 6nm architecture, that is quite power efficient as well 

The Galaxy Book 2 Go comes with Android 11 on board and has various features of the Galaxy ecosystem, such as Galaxy buds auto switch, Link to Windows, Multi Control, Quick share, Samsung Notes, and a second screen. 

However, Samsung hasn’t described the RAM, storage, and battery capacity of its new Galaxy book. 

the device will be available online through Samsung .com from January 20, 2023. Initially, the Galaxy Book 2 Go will be available in France; then it will expand its presence in other markets soon.