January 2023 security patch

Unlocked Galaxy Note 20 updated to January 2023 security patch in the US

Notably, the january security patch update is currently available for the carrier-unlocked variant of the Galaxy Note 20 series devices in the US. 

Users of these devices can identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers N981U1UES3GVL1 and N986U1UES3GVL1 for Galaxy Note 20 original and Galaxy Note 20 ultra, respectively. 

Android Security Patch


Samsung explained the vulnerabilities that were corrected with the update: there are no vulnerabilities marked as ‘critical’ or ‘moderate’, but 50 of ‘high’ severity are mentioned

For information, the Galaxy Note 20 series devices are eligible for one monthly security update.

Other Galaxy models that have received the latest security update:    – Galaxy S22    – Galaxy Note 10    – Galaxy A73 5G    – Galaxy S21    – Galaxy Z Flip LTE/5G    – Galaxy A10

Moreover, If you want to be more secure in this time of online spamming and data thefts, you should install the latest security update on your device as soon as possible.

1. On your Galaxy devices, head into your settings. 2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Software update. 3. Tap Download and install. 4. Wait for your device to check for updates. 5. If a security update is available, you can hit Install now.

How to install