Verizon Galaxy Tab S8+ Starts Receiving One UI 4.1.1 & Android 12L In The US

Samsung has officially announced the One UI 4.1.1 (Android 12L) update for the Galaxy Tab S8 series

Now the Verizon carrier is serving the test of Android 12L with the One UI 4.1.1 for the latest flagship tablet, Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G, in the United States

X808USQU2AVH6 firmware.


Taskbar Galaxy Tab S8 series’ new and improved taskbar is sleeker and more responsive than ever with expanded multitasking capabilities. Customize your taskbar with your favorite apps and tap seamlessly and speedily between active sessions. The taskbar also remembers and displays your two most recently used applications at any given time, so you can always easily pick up where you left off.

Split Screen Split Screen View can take your multitasking to new heights by displaying up to 3 apps at once, which users can rearrange and resize to best fit whatever tasks they’re working on. When a notification pops up, users can choose to enter full screen straight away or drag the notification next to a currently active app to instantly enter Split Screen View without disrupting what they were already doing. Step-by-step: Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Labs > Turn on Multi window for all apps

Pop-overs Pop-overs let you peek right through your pop-overs by touching and holding the screen around them. Doing this will turn pop-overs temporarily transparent so that you can see the rest of the app behind them. They reappear as soon as you lift your finger. Through simple touch and hold, this seamless flow lets you see the big picture when it comes to making new plans and also works with Clock and Reminder apps. Step-by-step: Open your Samsung Calendar / Clock / Reminder > Plan a new event in a pop-over > Touch and hold the screen outside the pop-over to peek through.

To update your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+, you can go to the system settings, following the ‘Settings > Software Updates > Download and Install’.