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Samsung May 2022 update for Europe users [List of Galaxy Devices]



Samsung release regular update for its smartphone. The regular update category is different for every smartphone. According to its updated policy, Samsung provides monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly.

The main player of Europe smartphone market, Samsung is started rolling out May 2022 update for its smartphone in Europe. 

This article is updated daily, so if you want to know which phone has the update in May, then keep checking this article daily.

List of Galaxy Devices 

May 2022 update for Galaxy S22 Series in Europe

Galaxy S22 – S901BXXS2AVDB

Galaxy S22+ – S906BXXS2AVDB

Galaxy S22 Ultra – S908BXXS2AVDB

May 2022 update for Galaxy S21 Series in Europe

Galaxy S21 – G991BXXU5CVDD

Galaxy S21+ – G996BXXU5CVDD

Galaxy S21 Ultra – G998BXXU5CVDD

May 2022 update for Galaxy S20 Series in Europe

Galaxy S20 – G981BXXUEFVDB

Galaxy S20+ – G981BXXUEFVDB

Galaxy S20 Ultra – G988BXXUEFVDB

May 2022 update for Galaxy S10 Series in Europe

Galaxy S10 – G970FXXUFHVE1

Galaxy S10e – G973FXXUFHVE1

Galaxy S10+ – G975FXXUFHVE1

Galaxy S10 5G – G977BXXUCHVE1

May 2022 update for Galaxy Tap S8 Series in Europe

Galaxy Tab S8 – X700XXU2AVD6

Galaxy Tab S8+ – X800XXU2AVD6

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra – X900XXU2AVD6

Samsung May 2022 update for US users [List of Galaxy Devices]

Samsung One UI May 2022 Security Patch Update Status

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Galaxy Z Flip 5G gets April 2024 security update in several countries




Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the first compact foldable smartphone made available for the market and was successful in reaching a large number of consumers. It is already more than three years old and has received all three major updates. Now it is no longer eligible to get any new One UI update, but it will still be eligible to get some security patches, like now the device is getting an April 2024 security patch.

According to the information, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is spotted getting an April 2024 security patch update in some countries, including Australia, Canada, and several parts of Europe. Canadian users can identify the latest update by the firmware version number F707WVLS7IXC1. Meanwhile, the European and Australian units of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G are getting an April 2024 security patch update with the firmware version number F707BXXSDKXC1.

For your information, the April 2024 security patch doesn’t belong to the one UI, so you will not get any significant improvements for your device. However, if you want to use your device longer, then you should update it to the largest security patch as it will prove all-around protection against external threats.

Moreover, the latest update may also provide some significant changes that could enhance the overall performance and stability of the devices. If you are having any issues while using the functionalities, the update may address them.

If you are using the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in the above-mentioned regions, you can now update it to the latest April 2024 security patch update on the device. To do that, you just need to go to the system settings and select the software update menu.

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Unlocked Galaxy A53 grabs April 2024 security patch in the US




Samsung launched the Galaxy A53 back in 2022; it debuted with Android 12, and later, it received two major updates in the form of Android 13 and Android 14 (One UI 6.0). Now, users are eagerly waiting for the next featureful update, which will be available as One UI 6.1. But before that, the company rolled out the April 2024 security patch update.

After introducing the April 2024 security patch to the locked units of the Galaxy A53, the unlocked variant has also started getting updates in the US. Users can identify the latest update by the firmware version number, A536U1UES8DXD7. The update is live on almost every carrier, including AT&T, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellular South, Cricket, Comcast, Dish, MetroPCS, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, and Xfinity Mobile.

The April 2024 update introduces a new security patch that is unrelated to the One UI, meaning it won’t significantly alter smartphone functionality. However, if you are concerned about your device’s safety, you should always keep it up-to-date with the latest security patch. Along with the security patch, it may also provide some other enhancements that could improve the device’s performance and stability.

If you are using the carrier-unlocked Galaxy A53 5G, you should start getting notifications about the availability of the April 2024 update. To install the update, tap on the notification, which will redirect you to the software update menu. Now hit the download button. In case you haven’t received the update yet, you can also check it manually by going to the system settings.

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US-locked Galaxy Note 20 units get April 2024 security patch on more carriers




Samsung is known for its software update policy, where it timely provides updates for Galaxy devices. Currently, the company is busy expanding the April 2024 security patch to eligible devices, now with the latest development of the locked variants of the Galaxy Note 20 series.

Notably, the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have already received the update on the Verizon network. Now, with the latest development, it is available on more carriers, including Comcast, T-Mobile, and Xfinity Mobile. The firmware version number N98*USQS6HXD1 is updating these devices.

For your information, the April 2024 update is part of Google’s Android security maintenance program, which aims to enhance the overall security of the devices. In a nutshell, the latest software will address more than 40 fixes, where Google has added 27 fixes and Samsung has added 17 more fixes exclusively for Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the latest update may also provide some significant changes that could enhance the overall performance and stability of the devices, so if you are using the locked variant of the Galaxy Note 20 series, you should update the Galaxy device to the latest version.

The Galaxy Note 20 series smartphones are the last devices in the Note lineup, which were introduced back in 2020. Now they have already received three major updates in the form of Android 11, Android 12, and Android 1. They are no longer eligible to get any significant updates but can still get some security-related updates this year.

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