Two Semiconductor Giants Meet: Possible Alliance between Samsung And Intel

This could be good news for smartphone users, recently after the meeting of the two semiconductor-making companies in which. One is seeking to re-enter the foundry business, just manufacturing the semiconductors in a nutshell.

According to the news from Business Korea media, after visiting the DAVOS forum in Switzerland, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger met with Samsung vice-chairman Lee Jae Yong in the Samsung Seocho building in Seoul. The Intel CEO also visited several officials of Samsung, including the Co-Ceo and head of Samsung mobile. This meeting took place ten days after the US president’s visit to S.Korea to Samsung’s electronic plant on May 20.

Although Samsung and Intel are longtime rivals and friends at certain times, Samsung did manufacturing for Intel and formed a coalition to share technology in 2019, Samsung trails behind Intel in system semiconductors but is planning to reach there with its growth in soc and image sensor technology, Intel has however lost its partnership with Apple, as Apple has started using its self-made CPU for mac. So a likely alliance could be in making as both would benefit from it, and also the recent us president visit indicates this in a likely direction.

Intel announced to re-enter manufacturing business with a whopping 80B dollar investment in Arizona and Ohio last year and plans to work on the 1.8nm process starting 2025, while Samsung plans to work on 3nm technology in the first half of this year.

Intel has collaborated with TSMC but doesn’t want to share all its prowess in the foundry business with it. While Samsung is trying to outdo TSMC and Intel trying to enter the manufacturing business, it seems a likely alliance could form as both can benefit from each other.

As the recent news of Samsung dropping the production of smartphones approximately by 10% due to the current ongoing war and semiconductor production crisis due to sars covid19, this could be good news for consumers as it will most likely lower the recent price hike in chips and semiconductor manufacturing and increase availability not to mention the obvious boost the technology will get from the collaboration of these big guns of the semiconductor industry.

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