Samsung Seeks To Create Bespoke Ecosystem Internationally

Samsung is seeking to take the global market in home appliances with its bespoke series. Yesterday at the annual Bespoke event, Samsung unveiled many of its appliance’s capabilities and promoted why the ecosystem is better than the other competitors.

At first, Samsung Electronics launched its Bespoke refrigerator in select markets worldwide. Samsung has been expanding its Bespoke lineup since it first introduced the new Category of refrigerators in August 2019 that allowed users to set up their kitchens in a customized style, much like built-in appliances.

Samsung Bespoke Ecosystem

Bespoke is an aline of intelligent refrigerators. After its success, Samsung is trying to expand its series to comprehensive home kitchen solutions like ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers to customers internationally. For a complete, comfortable, and personalized ecosystem, a Bespoke home event was held to achieve this.

Samsung explained this in 3 steps, all starting with ‘Expansion’, namely-
Expansion of Space, Time, and Experience.

Samsung explained that the Expansion of Space refers to the presence of Bespoke appliances throughout the home.

Samsung introduced its Expansion of Time theme as sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, and still durable, which will last long.

Lastly, Samsung introduced its Expansion of experience theme. All-new SmartThings Home Life. This enhanced Service, set to be available in 97 countries worldwide by the end of June, provides users with centralized and integrated control over their Bespoke appliances across six services for more holistic experiences: cooking, energy, clothing care, pet care, air care, and home care.

Samsung extended the lineup by adding a Bespoke AI washer and dryer and the Bespoke kitchen package, comprised of an oven, dishwasher, and induction cooktop, to its product lineup for overseas markets.

Samsung also plans to target the European market with AI-powered appliances where purchasing power is more. Still, primarily, Samsung wants to create an ecosystem where all devices can integrate and be centralized. This will also result in faster and better Service for consumers. This year, Samsung has also added stylish colours, updated features, and premium finishes to its Bespoke lineup. In July this year, Samsung will release the new Bespoke AI washer and dryer in the U.S. and Europe.

SmartThings Home Life system will also get updated with (IoT) Service, allowing users to control various home appliances in 97 countries this month remotely.

Samsung’s 200 partners can use SmartThings Service. Cooking, energy control, clothing care, pet care, and air system control services will be available remotely. It will be interesting to see whether this would translate into a new lifestyle for people and how much it will change and impact the world.

“The positive response from the Bespoke Home event last year showed us that our vision for a better home Life through inspirational design, customization, and intelligent connectivity struck a chord with people around the world,” -Lee Jae-Seung, the president and head of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung.

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