Samsung Drops Seven Notches: Ranked 22nd in 2022

As of June 2022, Samsung has a market capitalization of $324.89 Billion. It makes Samsung the world’s 22nd most valuable company by market cap, according to a report by PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) based on Bloomberg’s data.

Market capitalization is the total market value of a publicly-traded company’s outstanding shares and is commonly used to measure how much a company is worth.

This year, the Samsung group ranked 22nd from 15th last year, dropping it down 7 steps on the global market cap compared to the previous year’s position with a market value of $342 billion as of March. That is stooping a 21 per cent decrease from $431 billion, putting Samsung in 22nd place. It also affected the share price. However, we have seen those weak since earlier this year. The closed share price of Samsung on June 31 2022, was 69,600 KRW, on March 31, compared with 81,400 last year. Furthermore fell to 62,100 KRW as of June 13 2022.

Following were key highlights according to the PwC Report:

The top 5 players remain unchanged from the 2021 Global Top 100.

We saw a 19% increase in the market capitalization of US companies in the current Global Top 100 (from March 2021). A 23% decrease in the value of companies from China and its regions in 2022.

The US market dominates the Global Top 100 and continues to increase relative size.

In 2022 the value of the Global Top 100 companies from mainland China and its regions decreased by 23%; in contrast, companies from the US increased by 19%.INDIA also marked a 24% growth from 337$B to 417$B.

We saw persistent and continuing growth, increasing technology dominance, and the emergence of Health Care.

The technology sector and healthcare both outperformed 11%, i.e. growth from last year having SHELL PLC UK 161%, NVIDIA CORP 107%, APPLE inc. 39% and TESLA INC 74% seeing the most growth this year. Taiwan’s TSMC captured 10th place.

However, SAMSUNG remained on the list of top 10 companies suffering the most drop in market cap along with the WALT DISNEY -25%, INTEL CORP -22%, PayPal at 53%, and Alibaba at 52%, Tencent at 39%, and Netflix at 28%.

According to the industry, the reason is the pandemic and Russia Ukraine war for these ups and downs in the market.

While Apple retained the no.1 spot, Microsoft jumped a rank, making it 2nd from last year in market capitalization.

All of this and still Samsung was the only company from the S.Korea to list top 100 global companies in market cap this year.

Price Waterhouse Coopers PwC deals in corporate finance accounting services like audit, tax analysis, business compliances, corporate finance, risk management, security, and the latest in the financial industry.

Bloomberg L.P. is a privately held financial, software, data, and media company.

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