Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Dominates The Flagship Android Market: Globally

  • The Foldable Z series also gain momentum in the ultra-premium segment.
  • Apple still takes the lead.

Lately, a report was released by Counterpointresearch on the 23rd of June. It is a market research and consulting firm that conducts sales surveys and collects data for various devices annually and monthly. 

This report mentions the top-selling smartphones in the premium and ultra-premium segments.

The research was based on samples from Beijing, London, San Diego, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G became the best-selling Android smartphone in the premium segment in Q1 2022 by capturing a 3% share along with the Foldables, which were also mostly from Samsung & are expected to become mainstream.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra was followed by Galaxy A13 with 1.4%, Galaxy A03 Core with Galaxy 1.4%, and Galaxy A53 5G with 1.3% for Samsung in terms of global premium market sales.

Following remained the key highlights; According to the report- From Q1 2017 to Q2 2022.

  • The premium segment (400 $ or above) accounted for almost 66% of global smartphone value highest till now during the 1st quarter of 2022.
  • The volume growth in the ultra-premium segment was driven by Apple and Samsung.
  • Developed countries still continue to dominate the premium market sales.
  • The premium segment became significant, in emerging markets like India and Latin America.
  • Ultra-premium (US$>1000) segment captured the fastest-growing spot globally as seen 164% YoY sales volume growth in China, Western Europe, and North America.
  • Three in 10 smartphones sold came from the premium segment, its highest-ever Q1 share Its Sales value grew by +0.5% YoY because of an increase in Average Selling Price (ASP).
  • The sales volume for Foldable grew 184% YoY in the premium segment acquiring 3% of the total sales volume in the premium segment.
  • The overall smartphone market declined by 10%.
  • The global premium, US$400 or above wholesale ASP market sales volume declined 8% YoY.
  • The premium market has outperformed overall smartphone market growth consecutively for the eighth time.

In spite of these, sales in the premium segment declined YoY i.e. Year-over-year (YOY), which is a method of evaluating two or more measured events to compare the results at one period with those of a comparable period on an annualized basis.

Samsung’s top models made up just 22% of its total sales.

Apple took 62% of the premium market in Q1 2022 with sales in April 2022 with the Apple models in the top 10 accounting for 89% of its total sales for the month, due to iPhone 13,iPhone 13 Pro Max,iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 12 grabbing the top 4 spots in terms of market sales shares.

Future Expectations :

We can anticipate the market by the above reports as ;

Growth in 5G device sales, as the last month’s best-sellers list, saw an increase in the number of 5G-enabled smartphones.

Foldable smartphones could challenge the top sitters as their growth increased and people showed interest.

An ultra-premium segment to grow even further as customers’ interests continuously increase throughout the years.

India and other developing countries will possibly shift more towards the ultra-premium segment, as these devices are becoming both luxury & necessity.

As for Samsung, it is expected that it will continue to dominate the foldable market through its Z series and along with the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G the spiritual successor of the Note series.

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