Samsung Achieved Industry’s First 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM

We already know Samsung is developing the CXL-based RAM for the Servers and Data centers. It also partnered with RedHat and other pioneers in the industry for the further future developments of the technology.

But, that’s the tech for the professional or business organizations; for the end users like us, for that Samsung presented what people were waiting for, the 24GB DDR6 industry’s first 16-gigabit DRAM featuring 24-gigabit-per-second (Gbps) processing speeds.

This procedure is still in sampling; it means that Samsung has the tech. It’s just in the final stages of testing. The technology’s blueprint has been completed successfully, and it’s just a matter of time before this will be under production.

This RAM is a 3rd generation 10 nanometer-class (1z)* based on ultraviolet (EUV) technology.
1X, 1Y, and 1Z are standards in the memory industry, with first, second, and third generation designation. That is the possible variations;

1X denotes 19 to 17 nm, 1Y for 16 to 14 nm, and 1Z for 13 to 10 nm.

So, what is the benefit of this, you may ask? As you know, it’s going to be fast, but here is the catch, it is designed specifically for graphics cards, laptops, and game consoles for significant improvement in Graphics performance. It means faster gameplay and improved efficiency to handle the current video performance for not only the above devices but also for the AI-based applications and HPCs, used for workstations.

The Merits;

It restricts the max current leakage, therefore, providing a 30% faster experience compared to the previous 18Gbps technology.

If it’s installed in a high-end GPU, then speed transfers up to 1.1-terabytes (TB) of data can be achieved; simply put, about 275 Full HD movies can be downloaded or uploaded in a matter of a second. Amazing, isn’t it.

It will also feature low-power options to extend the battery life of laptops’ by implying a standard set of varying automated voltage, the precess utilized would be DVS technology, set proportional to performance.

Implementations & Standards ;

The GDDR6 RAM will comply with the JDEC standards, which are common standards or sets of rules used by manufacturers and consumers. This allows uniformity and facilitates the interchangeability of products for consumers and manufacturers.

Its adoptions will expand to graphics solutions even for electric cars & AI-powered driving.
Two adaptations of 20Gbps and 16Gbps will provide approximately 20% more increased power efficiency utilizing 1.1V rather than 1.35V.

Current spillage will be restricted using a new circuit based on High-K Metal Entryway, HKMG fabric.

As we know, the market is ever expanding, and the implementation of pc components today is seeing a variety of fields; thus, this will be a major improvement to keep up with the demand and set new standards, allowing users to enjoy and experience more of what technology has to offer, making the life ever easy.

Samsung plans to accompany its 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM with GPU manufacturers in upcoming times.

Samsung also informed that it would start a customer-incorporated use and feedback later this month.

The technology is evergrowing and progressing rapidly; Samsung wants to keep up with the pace and establish itself as a champion in the field.