Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra To Sport A 200MP Camera Sensor

A trustworthy tipster, Ice universe, recently tweeted a camera sample in a Motorola’s X30 Pro or Edge 30 Ultra photo. Below, he revealed in his tweet that the upcoming Galaxy S23 series would use a 200 MP camera sensor

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also became the most sold flagship android smartphone garnering 10.9 million unit sales, within the ultra-premium price segment of $1199.99 as a starting price.

All groups have loved Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra after becoming the spiritual successor of the discontinued Galaxy Note series. 

After seeing this grandeur of success, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 series is in the waiting line; let’s see what details this information unfolds.

The Revelation About The Galaxy S23 Series

The tipster also hinted with his tweet that the Galaxy S23 series would not use the Isocell HP1 sensor, i.e.

“The Moto flagship phone has a 200MP sensor (HP1), and you’re looking at a 4 in 1 photo, 50MP. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will also use 200MP, but the relevant sensor has not been announced. The Moto flagship phone has a 200MP sensor (HP1), and you’re looking at a 4 in 1 photo, 50MP.”

That leaves us with still improving Isocell HP3, but it would take some time; expecting the release of the Galaxy S23 series next year, it would be much conceivable to anticipate a different sensor altogether.

So yet-to-be disclosed but confirmed use of a 200 MP sensor for the Galaxy S23 series is a sure thing.

As uncovered by Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will sport a 200 MP camera, rumoured for a while but dropped off later. In this new information, though, the leaker clarifies the doubts: the Galaxy S23 Ultra will undoubtedly highlight a 200 MP primary camera, but the sensor information has not been disclosed.

Samsung has two camera sensors at present which come with a 200 MP resolution, namely;

Isocell HP1 & Isocell HP3. While the former has already been used in the upcoming Motorola’s X30 Pro or Edge 30 Ultra, the latter hasn’t seen any platform. 

The Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra has been hailed for its camera execution, taking off Samsung with the overwhelming success of a gadget that sets benchmarks for another year. The Galaxy S23 Ultra may well be precisely that.

If you are one of the people who want to buy or can’t wait for the next instalment of the Galaxy S23 series, the good news is there for you, Samsung also dropped the price of the Galaxy S22 Ultra by $125  from its launching price of $1,400 in June of this year

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