Mediacom U.S. Employ Samsung’s CBRS

Mediacom Communications, one of the most prominent cable administrators within the U.S., will use Samsung’s Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)  in hard-to-reach local communities over the U.S. This plan will use Mediacom’s Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to extend the company’s reach.

Leveraging CBRS, a mid-band range from 3.5 GHz to 3.7 GHz, has become a standard norm among many companies. In this case, CBRS is well-suited for delivering FWA administrations within the provincial situations it serves. This challenge prompted Mediacom to secure 576 CBRS licenses covering 178 provinces inside its current cable impression. As a result, Mediacom can more effectively reach regions where fibre and wired networks may not be financially attainable or conceivable.

Mediacom gives high-speed information, video and phone benefit to roughly 1.5 million families and businesses in over 22 states. With this assertion, Mediacom will utilize Samsung’s CBRS 4G and 5G-ready RAN. A radio access network (RAN) is part of a mobile network that connects end-user devices, like smartphones, to the cloud. Commercial organizations of Samsung are anticipated to start this job.

Samsung Electronics has spearheaded the effective conveyance of 4G and 5G end-to-end solutions counting chipsets, radios, and centres. Samsung, as of now, is giving network solutions to various administrators that provide a network to hundreds of millions of clients worldwide.

“Having access to fast, reliable Internet is essential for the way we live, work and learn today,”

-JR Walden, Chief Technology Officer, Mediacom.