Samsung Shared Android August 2022 Security Patch Details

Google has not missed its appointment with the August 2022 Android update: on the first Monday of the month, a new security update arrives, published along with the security patch that solves the operating system vulnerabilities discovered over the last few weeks. This month’s security bulletin can now be consulted on the Android website.

August has now come alive, and Samsung, one of the most attentive companies to the issue of updates, has already kicked off the release of this month’s update for the various smartphones in its portfolio.

The company has managed to get ahead of Google and, over the last few days, has already updated some of its models with the August 2022 patch. However, it should not be forgotten that manufacturers have access to the patch a few days before Google publishes it in its newsletter, so it is not surprising that some companies manage to get ahead.

Samsung August 2022 Security Patch Bulletin:

The security bulletin lists all the vulnerabilities that have been corrected with this update, categorized according to the level of threat they posed to the platform. Some of them are specific performance and safety improvements for Galaxy phones.

As for the part Samsung is concerned about, August security patches introduced the fix for 55 vulnerabilities, one of them critical. 

Samsung disclosed 1 critical, 24 High, 0 moderate & 2 Already included in previous updates, also 10 Not applicable to Samsung devices, level CVEs.

These are called CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cyber security vulnerabilities.  The Android Security Bulletin contains detailed information about security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. 

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