Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 And Galaxy Z Flip4 Could Say Goodbye To Z

Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4, are scheduled to debut in just one week, but rumors concerning the two devices are growing more robust and persistent.

Let’s talk about the letter Z in the denomination. This characteristic has defined the range since its introduction. The most recent reports, in chronological order, imply that the South Korean giant may remove it from the two smartphones.

This is not the first time a manufacturer has attempted to modify the name of a group of items, possibly to make them easier to read or recognize. For instance, Xiaomi switched from the Xiaomi Mi 11 to the Xiaomi 12 this year and removed the word “Mi” from its smartphones.

No More Letter ‘Z’ In Samsung Folding Devices:

Samsung might also choose to carry out this process, as the well-known SnoopyTech leaker mentioned in a tweet (reported below), eliminating the letter Z from the names of their leaflets, which has been their previous designation: The Galaxy M series, which were originally battery-powered phones, the Galaxy A series, which are mid-range and medium-high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S series, which are top-of-the-line smartphones, and the Galaxy Z series are among the many series that Samsung actually offers in its catalog (folding smartphones).

The reasons behind this (hypothetical) move may be many and different from them. On the one hand, there could be trivial reasons related to wanting to improve the naming of the two smartphones, given that Galaxy Fold4 and Galaxy Flip4 would be more immediate and short than the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.


On the other hand, however, it seems that there may be reasons related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine: the letter Z, in fact, has become a symbol of this war, having been found on many Russian military vehicles that had taken part in the invasion of Ukraine. However, the meaning of the symbol is not quite 100% clear; there are those who claim that they indicate a military zone and those who claim that it is the Z of Zelenskyy (the Ukrainian president), while the Russian government has declared that the Z stands for “za pobedu” (lit. For victory).

Latter Z Also Removed From 3rd Gen Foldable

Net of all this, Samsung has already removed the letter “Z” from the brand of its 2021 folding folds in some countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, selling them under the names Galaxy Fold 3 5G and Galaxy Flip3 5G. In seven days, therefore, we will find out if we will have to call the 2022 models such as Galaxy Fold4 and Galaxy Flip4 or, as usual so far, as Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4.