Samsung Updates Good Guardians (or Galaxy Labs) And Two Of Its Tools

The Korean giant’s ecosystem of applications and services, which enables customers to rely on various features tailored to fulfill diverse demands, is another factor in Samsung’s enormous success.

Samsung’s developer team regularly upgrades these apps, and just recently, they began rolling out updates for three of them: Good Guardians (also known as Galaxy Labs), Thermal Guardian, and Galaxy App Booster.

Samsung Good Guardians Updates: Version 3.0.46

All three applications are updated to version 3.0.46. Still, Samsung does not provide a changelog, so it is unclear if these are updates aimed at introducing new features or if they just solve some bugs encountered by users in previous releases.

Probably many have never heard of Thermal Guardian and Galaxy App Booster and that’s because they’re two components of Good Guardians (or Galaxy Labs).

Samsung Thermal Guardian is an experimental tool that allows users to change the thermal throttling threshold for their Samsung Galaxy devices (in practice, it offers more control over processor throttling parameters).

Galaxy App Booster is instead a tool designed to optimize apps and is able to run Android apps faster (an increase ranging from 5% to 15%).

Galaxy Labs or Good Guardians, finally, is an environment where Samsung and its user base can try new experimental features.

Both Samsung Thermal Guardian and Galaxy App Booster are available to those who already have access to Galaxy Labs and, should such tools be deemed by the Korean giant suitable for general use, could be implemented in the One UI interface.