One UI 5.0 Beta 2 For Galaxy S22 Series – What’s New In Chnagelog

Just over two weeks after the arrival of the first beta of the One UI 5.0 for Samsung Galaxy S22, in these hours the South Korean giant has started the rollout of the beta 2 of the One UI 5.0 for Samsung Galaxy S22 Trio in the US, Korea, and UK. The firmware version ending can identify by “ZVHK.”

What’s New In One UI 5.0 Beta 2

The latest Android 13-based One UI 5.0 beta 2 addresses issues with the home screen, auto-rotate, the S Pen, shared links, touch sensitivity, Bixby Routines, screen capture, and more. The update also resolves a problem that prevented Samsung Messages customers using One UI 5.0 beta from copying and forwarding content. Additionally, it fixes a problem that prevented users from utilising lock screen patterns to unlock their phones.

One UI 5.0 beta 2 introduces a Smart Widget that can recommend practical apps or features in terms of new features. In addition, the most recent beta introduces a brand-new Maintenance Mode that users can activate whenever they might need to give their phones to a repair shop. Access to personal information, such as messages, pictures, and accounts, is restricted in this mode.

Also included by Samsung is the Privacy Detection function. It alerts you when you attempt to share images of credit cards, ID cards, or passports—which include sensitive information—so that you can decide if you truly want to share them with others. With the most recent One UI 5.0 beta release, the Bixby Routines function now includes a Lifestyle Mode.

How to install the new One UI 5.0 beta

Users already equipped with the first beta of One UI 5.0 can check the availability of the update via the path Settings > Software updates > Download and install .

One UI 5.0 Beta 2 Changelog

New features

  • Smart Suggestions Widget
    • A widget that suggests useful apps or features has been added.
  • Maintenance mode
    • The maintenance mode protects personal information while others use
      my smart phone, such as mobile phone repair. In maintenance mode, you
      cannot access personal data in photos, messages, accounts, and only apps
      installed by default.
  • Privacy Detection
    • The share panel will let you know when you attempt to share photos that
      contain sensitive information, such as credit cards, ID cards, or passports, so
      you can reconsider whether you really want to share them.

Bugs that have been fixed

  • Added Bixby Routine Life Style Mode
  • Fixed the issue that occurs sometimes on the HOME screen
  • Fixed the issue that cannot be automatically rotated sometimes
  • Modified SPen’s breakdown
  • Fixed the issues that does not operate copying/forwarding in the Samsung
    Message app
  • Fixed the issue for shared link sometimes
  • Fixed the issue that appears to be empty on the quick panel notification
  • Fixed the issue that cannot be unlocked by lock screens/patterns
  • Fixed the issue that cut off during screen capture
  • Fixed the issue that does not operate power saving mode
  • Fixed the issue that an app media player on the lock screen is not displayed
  • Adjustment of touch sensitivity
  • Fixed the problems related to Bixby Routine

Known issues

  • If you don’t update the Samsung Wallet app, it can be automatically
    removed in the new OS version. Then, you need to re-install Samsung Wallet
    app by manual.
  • There may be an error in the Samsung Wallet Digital Key (Car UWB Key)
    operation. If an error occurs, please delete the digital kev and re-register it.