Samsung Galaxy S22 Could Get New Options In Camera For Hyperlapse Functionality

The South Korean giant is planning to add another new function to the Galaxy S22 series camera. Hyperlapse video recording is a recent development that appears to be coming to Samsung’s camera app.

The addition of additional control settings, such as those for ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and focus, have been requested when filming in hyper-lapse mode by certain Samsung Galaxy S22 users.

The option to add more controls when shooting hyper-lapse mode videos with the Galaxy S22 has reportedly been reviewed by the company’s engineers, and a fix is reportedly on the way, according to official Samsung community forums.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series may soon get the new camera features in Pro mode while using Hyperlapse mode.

Samsung engineers have not revealed a timing for the release of these new camera features, however they should not be bound by the roadmaps for One UI 4.1.1 and One UI 5.0, as the new Pro mode controls should be added via a Camera app update rather than through a new system firmware.

Samsung is likely going to add these new options on multiple Galaxy devices and not just the S22 range, but we will have to see how they will be welcomed by fans of hyperlapse mode.

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