Google Clock App Update: Added A New Feature

Google designs the Clock app to make available to users all the features they may need in a single package, from alarm clocks to timers, from timers to time zones, with some gems such as the possibility of scheduling the time of resting and pairing the application with Wear OS smartwatches to have alarms “on the wrist”.

Recently, a new update hits to the Google Clock application with version number 7.3, which add a important feature. Following the update, users can see on the first tab that when they open the alarm, there is a “Halt alarm” button that enables them to “choose the dates to pause the alarm.” Therefore, you can choose the start and finish dates because of this functionality (tapping the month view or entering the dates using the numeric keypad).

Additionally, the Timer tab enhances the administration of numerous active accounts upside-downs, rather than a view that only allows you to see one at a time (and requires scrolling); each timer is actually shown as a compact card, and you may examine multiple timers at once.

Each tab’s top section displays the timer’s start time (which can be changed with a simple tap) and then offers a series of keys for a few quick actions, such as stopping the timer, starting it over, adding a minute, etc.

The Google team added a brighter screen with a backdrop color and smaller, more efficient buttons to the screen that displays when a timer expires.

Google Watch version 7.3 is being released on Google Pixel smartphones and other devices and can be downloaded through the following badge:

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