Galaxy S23 Listed On Geekbench Database

Samsung Galaxy S23, the upcoming device of Samsung, recently appeared in Geekbench’s database. They have completed the testing of this device. The device gets model no. ‘SM-S911U’ is the American Version of the regular S23. We assume that the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra, both of these devices will also receive exactly the same SoC that Galaxy S23 has.

According to Geekbench’s database, Galaxy S23 is running on a new Qualcomm processor. This processor is code-named ‘Kalama.’ Its exact information is officially unpublished yet, but the rumors are this processor is Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Soc. This processor has a total no. of 4 cores. 1 core with a clock speed of up to 3.36 GHz, 2 cores with 2.80 GHz and the rest 3 cores with 2.02 GHz.

This device is tested with Android Version 13. It has 8 GB of RAM. As per the Geekbench scorings, this device got 1524 Single-Core Scores and 4597 Multi-Core Scores. We expect that Galaxy S23 will officially be launched between the fall of January 2023 and the fall of February 2023. According to some reports, Galaxy S23 will have 4700 mAh of battery, a 12 MP front camera, 3x optical zoom and so on.

For your information, this update was published on October 17th, 2022 (today) at 10:10 am on Geekbench, but unfortunately, this list doesn’t have any information about European Galaxy S23 models. Currently, these scores and results are revealed by the bench only for the American Version of Galaxy S23, which got a finer score in this testing.

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