Samsung Got A Spot In The List Of Top Five Best Global Brands 2022

Samsung Electronics ranked in the list of top five best global brands in 2022. This list has been launched by Interbrand, which is a global brand consultancy that announces the world’s top 100 brands every year. This year again, Samsung remains in the 5th position on this list for the third successive year since 2020.

The Interbrand consultancy reveals that Samsung’s brand value was evaluated at 87.7 billion USD. The respective figure was 74.6 billion back in 2021, which shows approx 17% growth by this year. As per previous reports, the brand value growth rate was 20% in 2021 as compared to 2020.

Let you know that Samsung merged its SET Division in the fall of 2021 and created the Device eXperience Division to boost the coordination between its products. The company has also introduced the Customer eXperience-Multi Device Experience center that strengthens users’ experience towards multiple devices.

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