Samsung Reached The Top Speed For 5G

In collaboration with NBN Co., Samsung Electronics has been testing Australia’s 5G mmWave speed. They have reached a new 5G milestone by achieving an industry-leading speed at a distance of 10 km. In the testing, they got a top downloading speed of 1.75Gbps in such a prolonged distance, while the uploading speed was just 61.5Mbps. On the other hand, the peak downloading speed that the company got during the testing was 2.75Gbps.

The team has used a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) connection using Samsung’s 28GHz Compact Macro device. The device contains the second generation of the company’s 5G modem chip. They have used the eight carrier component (8CC), which is an aggregation of 800MHz of mmWave spectrum. The company stated that their new achievement has proved the suitability of 5G mmWave for dense urban areas and also for wide border FWA coverage.

NBN, the digital backbone of Australia, provides reliable and resilient broadband across the whole continent. To expand the reach of its FWA network by 50%, NBN will spend a total of 750 million AUD, of which 480 million AUD are from the Australian Government. They also will get the help of Samsung’s technology to enhance its mmWave 5G network in the respected region.

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