Good Lock’s Camera Assistant Module Gets New Features

The camera assistant gets a new update that brings a new feature to the app. The update changes the app icon into a new one that can change its color to the same as the background, which means that the primary color of the app icon adapts to the wallpaper you’ve chosen on your Galaxy smartphone.

If we talk about its main features, the app delivers various useful camera functions such as Auto, and HDR, which helps to capture details in dark areas; auto lens switching lets us pick a lens according to zoom, lighting and distance from the subject, Faster shutter let allow you to speed up shutter by capturing fewer frames and more.

The latest Camera Assistant app update ( can be installed from the Galaxy store, or you can open Good Lock, click on the three-dots button next to the Camera Assistant app, and then click Go To Store; however, Goodlock is only available in some countries. You can’t download the update if your device hasn’t supported the app.

For information, Good Lock is a Samsung-made suite of apps that allows you to redesign the look and feel of your Galaxy device. You can use it to customize all sorts of things such as your home and lock screen, recent app layout, clock face, Quick Settings panel, and more; the Goodlock provides several modules which specifically targets a specific part of the software and contains settings to customize it.

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