One UI 6 Will Bring The “Predictive Back Gesture” To The Galaxy Smartphones

Google has just provided the newer OS version to eligible Android devices. With the launch of Android 13, Google was also working on a brand-new “Predictive back gesture” feature. Google has said that it will be a default feature in the upcoming OS version (Android 14). It is developed to prevent an accidental exit from any app if you perform any task here. The feature will be introduced in Galaxy devices with Android 14 and One UI 6 updates.

In current scenarios, if we perform the swipe gesture on the screen, the device will close the running application because of it. But many times, if the user is not about to exit the app, but the gesture got performed mistakenly, the sensor closes the running application even if you don’t want to. This problem is currently being faced by many users, which may lead to an interruption in work.

Now Google has thought about this issue and has come up with the “Predictive back gesture” feature as an answer to it. With its help, if the user mistakenly performs the swipe back gesture, the device will shrink the recent running app and shows the next page on the screen, which will appear if you exit the recent one. It will be helpful for the users to prevent interruption while doing a task.

Before the Android 14 update, the user will test the Predictive back gesture feature in devices running on Android 13 in some applications such as Google TV and Google Phone. These applications that support the brand-new feature with Android 13 will show you how the feature works. To experience this, users first need to enable it from the Developer options. The process of enabling the feature is mentioned below-

  • First, go to the “Settings” of your Galaxy device. 
  • Choose the “About Phone” option here. 
  • Now tap on the “Build Number” seven times. 
  • It will lead you to the page where the “Developer options” tab appears. 
  • Tap on the respective tab. 
  • Now search the “Predictive back animations” here. 
  • After finding the necessary feature, turn it on. 
  • Now you can explore and experience the Predictive back gesture feature in select applications. 

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