Samsung SmartThings Station shows up on FCC

Samsung has become a worldwide tech sensation so far. Its manufacturing units produce major components as well as minor accessories. Some previous reports have shown that Samsung is working on its SmartThings station. This SmartThing wireless charging hub has recently been featured on the FCC website just some days before its launch. It is reported to charge the Galaxy S23 series.

As we all know, many Galaxy devices, such as Smartphones, Wearables, and Buds, are available in the market that supports wireless charging. To provide a better and easy charging experience, the South Korean firm plans to launch a SmartThing wireless charging hub, which will help the user charge all three types of devices at once. Now let’s have a look at the information revealed by the testing website.

On the website of FCC, the charging hub got featured with the model number EP-P9500. According to the reveals, the highest charging speed of this hub is 15W. It will also get the support of Zigbee. The listing has also revealed that the hub needs 25W input for 15W charging. It will charge various types of devices at different speeds. For example, the Bluetooth wireless headset got accused of this hub at a low speed like 2W.

Let you know that the listing also leaves a hint about its appearance, and it will get a curved square shape design. As we have mentioned above, the charging hub will charge the upcoming Galaxy S23 series as well as the older models such as Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 4 devices. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much information about it, but we can soon expect an official announcement in this regard.

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