Samsung could launch the Self Repair Assistant app to guide users in DIY repairs

Samsung in the tech industry is a well-known name now. The company is undoubtedly popular for its innovative ideas and user-friendly services. Now the manufacturer is working on another essential service that will help to repair smartphones. With this do-it-yourself smartphone repair application, users will be able to repair their smartphone devices on their own. Currently, Apple is providing this service to its iPhone users for their convenience.

Let you know that the South Korean firm announced its collaboration with the American e-commerce and how-to website iFixit back in March of this year. It will let you buy spare parts for your smartphones directly from the site and provides guides and tutorials to repair them safely. Recently, a patent got filed on the name of the company on November 26th, 2022, that indicates a mysterious application named “Self Repair Assistant.

In clear words, it will help users to buy spare parts and provide videos and guides for repairing the device. The application will land all the necessary information related to the repair. Coming to the application’s appearance, it has got a blue wrench logo inside a white gear, all in a blue square that has rounded corners. Unfortunately, the service is available just in the US and provides repairs for the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S21 series, and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets only.

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