Galaxy Foldables are demanded in the business field

Samsung’s Foldable devices have gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Its Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series of smartphones is widely preferred in the business field, specifically the Galaxy Z Fold devices. Its large screen and easy multitasking ability make it more reliable and preferable for enterprise use. This year, the company has seen almost double the adoption rate of these devices than the last year for the duration of 10 months. 

According to the official blogpost of Samsung India, from January 2022 to October 2022 (10 months), the purchase of Galaxy Foldables by business professionals has doubled by an increase of 105% as compared to last year for the same period (January 2021 to October 2021). The manufacturer has seen a nearly 73% year-on-year increase in these foldable’s shipments, so now they are expecting these shipments to grow up to 26 million units in the year 2023.

The Galaxy foldable devices are attaining popularity in the business field because of their plenty of essential and handy features. As these devices have got multitasking ability, people are choosing them over regular smartphones, as they work more like PCs as well as are pocket-friendly and easy to carry because of their small size. Now let’s take a look at their goods to know their true utility in the business field. 

As more companies are now choosing the work-from-anywhere policies, workers are looking for new technologies to expand productivity. In this order, Samsung’s new device, Galaxy Z Fold 4 became ideal for business uses because of its multitasking powerhouse. Its large and wider screen provides a vast working area to the user, which lands an experience of a PC. The rest is completed by a handful of tools and features available in it. 

This device has a PC-like taskbar that lets the user switch between applications without any interruption. Its wider screen also provides the ability to work with multiple windows. The device lets you open three applications at once so that the user can respond to Gmail while viewing on two chrome browser tabs. Besides, it also has a Flex Mode, which provides not only the hands-free experience for major videoconferencing but also supports e-signature and note-taking capabilities with the S Pen. 

Its ability to support complex workflows such as alerts, portfolios, research, and charts lets the users maintain their routines and provides them the power to be competitive. Its Bloomberg Professional application makes multitasking easier. Its capability to switch between cover screen and large screen by which perfect news reading, real-time market data monitoring, portfolio browsing, and chart analysis could be more effective and easy.  

Apart from all these features, the South Korean manufacturer also brought some amazing services in collaboration with IBM, which helps quick access to wealth advisors and market and portfolio information management. With Samsung Dex and S Pen, data transfer between apps, text translation from handwriting, digital signature capturability, and DocuSign will be handier. Without any obvious, these trustworthy and reliable features are expanding the device’s popularity amongst enterprise workers. 

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