Galaxy Tablets enjoy the dual-pane redesign feature on Google Keep

The mountain view manufacturer Google introduced the dual-pane feature for its Google Keep application back in September. Its worldwide roll-out has now started. This feature has previously been seen in Chromebooks only, but now with version 5.22.452.00.90 of Google Keep, it appeared on the Galaxy Tab S8 device, which is updated with Android 13.

Let you know that this feature will provide a list in the form of a grid on the left side of the screen while using Google Keep. At that time, the actual note can be seen on the right side of the screen. Before this, the notes used to be opened in front of the grid, which appeared in the background. Now with this feature, it will be easier to find the correct note while writing the current one, even without wasting any time.

Now Google made a change in its “Search your notes” field, which now provides a expand button on the left of your profile avatar. This button will let the user switch between Full screen and Dual-Pane. Google has finally started distributing this feature to eligible Android tablets. Galaxy tablets also run on the Android OS, so the supported tablets will get it soon.

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