Samsung announced a Biometric card with an all-in-one security chip

The South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung has taken the security programs so far. They have recently announced a Biometric card that will be more reliable and trustworthy than nearly all others available in the market. This card contains a remarkable blend of a fingerprint sensor, Security Element (SE), and Secure Processor (SP), all in just a single chip. These extended security arrangements will provide a more temper-proof payment experience.

Let you know that the fingerprint sensor is supported by Samsung’s proprietary fingerprint authentication algorithm along with anti-spoofing technology. These additional security reasons make it even more secure and reliable than almost every other card. As the South Korean manufacturer mentioned, it is the first all-in-one security chip in the cybersecurity industry that can read biometric information via the fingerprint sensor and store encrypted data.

This Biometric card reads the version number Samsung S3B512C. It will also support contactless payments/use, which means it comes with NFC and RFID capabilities. To use it, one should put their thumb on the fingerprint sensor while the POS device is gaining information from the chip. It will read your Biometric information, and after the complete authentication of your fingerprint, the payment will be confirmed.

IMG – Samsung

For information, companies such as MasterCards have also introduced similar Biometric cards, which will get a default PIN code also. This PIN code can be used as an alternate security option if, in any case, your fingerprint doesn’t get matched. However, it is yet to be known whether Samsung will optimize the same technique or it will be just fingerprint. The good news is the company has already started the mass production of these Biometric cards, and we will get to use them with their public roll-out, expected by the next year.

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