Samsung updating its Internet Browser app to the latest version

Samsung recently released a significant update,, for its inbuilt browser application, which includes several new features. It provides “privacy info” of each site, which means you can get check the “privacy info” of each website by clicking the lock icon on the URL bar. The widgets are also improved. Now it has also expanded the add-on feature to the secret mode.

New update for Internet Browser

Now the Korean giant has released a new update with version number According to the play store description, the update does not bring any new features but comes with some improvements and fixes some bugs. Moreover, it provides overall stability to the app. After the major update known as Internet browser 19, two updates have been released by Samsung to improve the app’s functionality.

Users who own Galaxy devices can easily update the Samsung Internet Browser through the Galaxy store; however, the app is also available on the Play Store. Android users other than galaxy devices can also install it from there.

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