New update for Samsung internet lite app

Samsung has released a new update for its light version, the update has version number, and it comes in a 21MB software package; the latest update doesn’t bring any new features. Still, according to the play store description, it includes some reliability improvements.

Samsung Internet Lite

Samsung Internet Lite is the newest and lightest version of Samsung’s native browser yet. Basically, this app comes in one-fourth of the space compared to the original one. The phrase ‘in every seed of good, there is always a piece of bad’ is suited in the case of Samsung Internet Lite. Even though the Samsung Internet Lite has the advantage of being lightweight, it gives very little in terms of features.

If we discuss its features, the Samsung Internet Lite offers several useful features like ‘pop-up ‘blocking, allowing java scripts from certain sites and switching up font sizes, and many more. Users who own Samsung smartphones can easily download the latest update through the Galaxy store.

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