Samsung Electronics to establish a new chip factory in Taylor, USA

The South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung has carved a niche for itself in the semiconductor field, just like in the smartphone market. Samsung’s chipsets have surely gained wide popularity amongst the whole tech market; as we know, Google’s Tensor chipset is also based on its Exynos SoC. To unwrap more extended possibilities of this market, the manufacturer has decided to establish one more manufacturing unit for these. In the year 2021, Samsung made an announcement regarding it, that this new unit would be constructed in Taylor, USA.  

As per the announcement of the South Korean firm, its new chip plant first had been scheduled to be completely in operation by 2024, and for which the construction was to start by the first half of 2022. However, the construction of this factory hasn’t even touched the beginning yet, and the manufacturer is purchasing the ancillary equipment, such as air conditioning units and sealing materials for it. Notably, these ordered products are expected to arrive early next year; consequently, the construction of the manufacturing unit will be started after that.

According to TheElec, Samsung has just started placing orders for auxiliary equipment by the rise of Q4 2022. These ordered supplies are necessary for the edifice of the clean room facility, an enclosed area of a chip factory where the essential equipment for chip manufacturing can be installed. These clean rooms have various air purification and air ventilation equipment installed in their ceilings to restrict dust and other contamination, or else even a single speck can disrupt the manufacturing process and can lead to a lower yield of Semiconductors. These also have tight control over temperature, humidity, outgassing, static pressure, and other factors as well. 

As per a report, the equipment ordered by Samsung for the future chip factory is being procured from Shinsung ENG and Wonbang Tech, both of which are based out of South Korea. Let us tell you, in this future chip manufacturing unit, the South Korean manufacturer is intended to manufacture chips for 5G, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI), which will be based on “advanced process technologies.” Unfortunately, the company hasn’t unwrapped the fabrication process of chip manufacturing, whether it will be 3nm, 5nm, or else. 

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