Samsung MX business new team developing its own chip – Report

The South Korean tech manufacturer Samsung has recently established an Application Processor (AP) solution development team under the Mobile eXperience (MX) division of Samsung. This MX division is the business responsible for the making of Galaxy smartphones. It is reported that the team has been formed to lead the development of Application Processors (APs), used in smartphones. It has also been reported that a separate team is being established to develop an exclusive Application Processor (AP) for Galaxy devices. However, the size and the main role of this AP solution development team are still under wraps. 

As per the report of TheElec, Vice President Choi Won-Joon, the newly-appointed Head of the MX Development Office at Samsung, will serve as the team leader of this new team. The VP Choi previously worked as a researcher in KAIST. Afterward, he moved to Aderos as the in-charge of the chipset design. He also served for Qualcomm as the in-charge of wireless communication chipset before moving ahead to Samsung. Then in 2016, Choi was appointed in the position of the Head of the next-generation product development group of the wireless division of Samsung Electronics. Currently, Choi is serving as the Head of the Mobile eXperience (MX) Division of Samsung. 

Let us tell you that the Application Processor(AP) is an important part of the equipment of the smartphone and works as the key semiconductor in charge of data communication and calculation in them. AP also determines the smartphone’s performance, such as the speed of data processing and power consumption. For information, the MX division gets these APs from Qualcomm and MediaTek, respectively, for the US and Taiwan. Apart from this, the DS division of Samsung Electronics also manufactures AP, known as the Exynos series. Samsung does use Exynos on some of its devices. Now the MX division is more likely to develop its own processors in the future, as the reports said. 

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