Samsung Bixby Routine reached these Galaxy A series phones

Samsung always takes good care of their users’ convenience, and in that manner, they always bring a handful of essential as well as useful services and features to their devices. The “Bixby Routines” is also one of those services, which was previously available on some premium devices only. But recently, the manufacturer has expanded the availability of “Bixby Routines” by providing it to three more mid-range devices. Albeit, this feature has arrived in those mid-range devices as a part of the OS update.

For those who are unaware, “Bixby Routines” is a feature of Samsung specifically used for automation. With this feature, one can easily set various series of actions to be performed in a particular pre-decided time and conditions. It will also help its users to set various modes for apps to be used or restricted during the decided span. For example, you can set a “Work Mode” for an urged period, and while this “Work Mode” is activated, it will restrict the decided apps to be used during that period to cease distraction.

Let’s talk about its availability; it was previously limited to the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold series, Galaxy Z Flip series, and the Galaxy A52 devices only. Now, they have also brought it to Galaxy A33, Galaxy A53, and Galaxy A73 devices. Notably, the feature appeared with the latest OS (Android 13) update. However, it is yet to be clear why the company is still calling it “Bixby Routines,” even when its name has been changed to “Modes & Routines.”

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