Samsung sending a new update for Galaxy S10 devices with December patch in the US

After the recent developments, Samsung has dropped back-to-back updates to its Galaxy device. We found that the Korean giant is a bit more focused on providing new updates in North American countries, including Canada and the US, and is now keeping the same pace. The company has released a new update in the US for Galaxy S10 series devices except for Galaxy S10 Lite.

The update brings the support of the December 2022 security patch. Currently, the update is available for the carrier-locked variant of S10 series devices. Users who own these devices can identify the latest update by its firmware version numbers G973USQS8IVL1, G975USQS8IVL1, and G970USQS8IVL1 for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e, respectively. Notably, the update is available on some carriers, including Xfinity and Comcast networks.

According to the information, the Galaxy S10 device is listed in the Quarterly updates category, which means the dece is eligible for four security updates per year, and fortunately, it is receiving the December 2022 security update for the final update for the year while most the devices which are listed under the same category has grabbed November 2022 security patch as their fourth security update.

The December 2022 security update includes several patches which fix 93 vulnerabilities, most of the security-related issues which have been reported previously; the update also includes lots of improvements that give your working of the device as well as it also enhances the stability of the device.

Moreover, you should download the latest security update because, with the help of the new update, your device gets a robust security system, so it will be ready to protect you from threats on the internet. So it is highly recommended to install the latest update on your device.

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