Samsung still possesses the first place in smartphone market, surpassing Apple

If it is about the straight rival of Samsung, the California giant Apple will be the most threatening manufacturer. Notably, till the third quarter of the year 2022, Samsung has maintained its topmost position, even after Apple’s tough rivalry, which surpassed almost all the other OEMs in terms of smartphone sales, after the launch of its latest flagship. According to market states, in the Q3 of 2022, Samsung held 21% of the total market shares, and Apple laid its hand on 16%.

As per the stats provided by Counterpoint, a specialist in the study of the tech market, the market has seen its all-time low since 2014 during the third quarter. With a total of 301 million shipments of smartphones, the market hasn’t risen much compared to the previous quarter, with a total QoQ growth of only 2%. Not only that, but a 12% YoY decline in the market has also been registered. It has also been found that during Q3 of 2022, a huge annual fall has been seen in the shipments from nearly all main suppliers.

IMG – Counterpoint

Besides the whole market, the shares of Samsung haven’t grown or declined much over the duration of the past half year. With the hold of a total of 23%, 21%, and 21% shares in Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2022, respectively, Samsung is stable in the first place from the prior quarter. However, Samsung’s shares have risen by 5% from the previous quarter (Q2 of 2022), but the company has also seen a loss of 8% on an annual basis, with a total shipment of 64.3 million units.

Coming to the other major smartphone manufacturers, Apple, a direct rival of Samsung, has secured the second position, with a total share of 16%. After those two, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo come with 13%, 10%, and 9% shares, respectively. The remaining 31% of shares belong to the heavy-weight OEMs- Google and Sony along with other rivals such as Realme and OnePlus. Even after a shipment decline, Samsung is still in the first position, leaving Apple behind. Since Q1 of 2022, Samsung has proved to be worthy of first place.

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