Samsung updates its Good Lock modules including Keys Cafe, NavStar, MultiStar, Home Up, and Clockface

Samsung is nowadays giving a lot of customization features for its Galaxy devices. It gives full freedom to users how they want to use their device by customizing it, which makes their device more interesting and interactive to make all this possible, Samsung has introduced Good lock, its suite of modules.

The Good lock includes several modules which help to customize the interface of the device; for each feature, there is a different module available such as NavStar, MultiStar, Keys cafe, Clock face, Quick Star, RegiStar, and more.

Samsung has rolled out some new updates of five modules, including NavStar, MultiStar, Keys cafe, Clock face, and Home Up.


This module is used to customize the notification bar of your device. It offers different options which do different things like you can hide and show the navigation bar, it allows you to add useful buttons, and more, now Samsung has released a new update for it which comes with new version number, according to the information, the update doesn’t bring any new features, but it includes some improvements which enhance the overall functionalities of the app.

What’s New:

– Fixed issue where 1px left in the navigation bar at the bottom when transparent hints were applied.
(It will be fixed only when the device software update is performed together.)
– Fixed a problem that crashed with the system UI when used with the Multistar cover launcher.
– Fixed an issue where the gesture mode navigation bar could remain hidden when using DeX.


With the help of this module, you can adjust the multiwindow according to you the available options, which enhances the overall experience of the split screen view. Now Samsung has rolled out a new update for this; it comes with a new version number 5.4.00. According to the Galaxy store description, it doesn’t come with any new features, but the update may come with some bug fixes that improve the overall stability and performance of the module

What’s New:

[One UI 5]

– Fixed errors that did not execute longPress

Keys cafe

This module is based on a keyboard, and it brings several features that enhance the experience of the inbuilt keyboard. It also received a new update, However, the update doesn’t bring new features with it as per the previous update; it comes with some new features, so we guess the current update might carry some bug fixes which improve the stability of the features which are newly introduced.

What’s New:

* New features
1. Style your own keyboard
(1) Color
– Two Christmas themes have been added.
(2) Effect
– Key color effect: Footprint effect added. You can also change it to a sticker or gallery image.
– Keyboard color effect: Paint gun, firecracker effect added.
– Key motion effect: tilt, bounce effect added.
2. Make your own keyboard
– DEL key has been added.
* Bug fixes
– We have modified the app interruption phenomenon that occurred intermittently on the split screen.

Clock Face

It helps to customize your clock; specifically, it includes some clock-style templates, and you can change your clock style by choosing from there. The new update comes with a new version, With its update, the module is improved, and some bug fixes, such as some issues related to One UI 5, now support device extension and also fix minor bugs.

What’s New:

– Fix minor issues in One UI 5

Home Up

The home Up module allows you to customize your device’s home screen. It provides different functionalities like blur effect, changes layouts of the home screen, apps and folder edit share-via window, customize recent app window type, and more. Now Samsung is updating this module. The new update comes with a new version number, while the update doesn’t include any new features but carries some fixes that improve the overall performance and stability of the app.

What’s New:

– Fixed some errors

The above-mentioned modules are available on the Goodluck suite on Galaxy devices; there is a piece of good news good lock is also available in more countries now Samsung is expanding to more countries. If your device has the support of the Good lock, then you can easily install the update from there.

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