Android Auto appears to be having some issues with Android 13

Android Auto is an application developed by Google, and it has shown some issues lately. The cause of its problematic behavior is believed to be the arrival of the latest OS version Android 13. For those who are unaware, the Android Auto application is used for mirroring features of an Android device on a car. But now, this application is having some issues with the use of Google Assistant.

Let us tell you that the Android Auto application has been rapidly rolled out to various smartphones over the past few months, including Google’s Pixel, Samsung’s Galaxy, and other OEM devices also. However, ever since the latest Android 13 reached the Pixel phones, many users have started complaining that the ability to launch the Android Auto app is disturbed.

Luckily, this issue has not affected the Android Auto experience completely but causing trouble while using Google Assistant in it. On this behalf, the main issue is appearing with the “Hey Google” command. The afflicted have shared that after this command, the bottom bar of Android Auto has got completely empty. For some users, the manual button for Assistant does work, but others seem to get no response even with it.

Albeit, it is still not confirmed that this issue has appeared due to the Android 13 update because it has been seen in some Pixel phones recently which have already had the Android 13 for some time. It is possible that the issue is caused by the Google application itself.

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