Galaxy S23 could get a better RAM technology, switched the DDR5 with DDR5X

We are desperately waiting for the Galaxy S23 series to launch, as it has numerous modifications that make it advantageous. Notably, the company has tried to provide every possible improvement in this series to uplift its demand. From better quality cameras to extended battery capacity, more reliable SoC, and now rumors of better RAM technology use have also been found. Let’s take a look at the rumored info.

The famous tipster Ahmed Qwaider is providing several leaks regarding the S23 series for the past few days. He revealed a lot about it, especially about its storage options, and now came up with a leak related to its RAM. As per Ahmed, the S23 series devices will feature an even more enhanced RAM technology than the Galaxy S22. It is said the S23 series will use the DDRX5 technology in them instead of the S22’s DDR5. 

Apart from it, Ahmed also shared some info related to new storage possibilities. Earlier, it was doubted whether there would be an 8GB RAM variant for the Ultra device or not, but now he shared that it does have an 8GB RAM variant which will pair to 256GB storage only. It was also assumed that the S23 series completely abandoned the 128GB storage variants, but now there will be some in very few regions. 

According to the Ahmed Qwaider, the 12GB RAM with a 256GB internal storage variant for the Ultra model and the 8GB RAM along with the 256GB internal storage variant for the S23 and S23 Plus models, are the most common variants among the users of the whole world. Besides, if you have no clue which model will get “which and how many variants?” the expected options for all three models are listed below- 

Galaxy S23 model

  • 8GB RAM+256GB internal storage
  • 8GB RAM+512GB internal storage

Galaxy S23 Plus model

  • 8GB RAM+256GB internal storage
  • 8GB RAM+512GB internal storage

Galaxy S23 Ultra model

  • 8GB RAM+256GB internal storage
  • 12GB RAM+256GB internal storage
  • 12GB RAM+512GB internal storage
  • 12GB RAM+1TB internal storage

It has been previously rumored that the S23 and S23 Plus models will only have one storage variant- 8GB RAM with 256GB storage, but now the 512GB internal storage option is arriving for the vanilla and plus models also. However, this information has not been confirmed from the company’s end, so please accept it with a pinch of salt. 

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