Google Maps for WearOS now offers phone-less navigation on LTE smartwatches

WearOS smartwatches have just gotten a major upgrade with the release of Google Maps for Wear OS. The new feature allows users to navigate without the need for their phone by using their LTE-enabled smartwatch. This update is set to revolutionize how we use wearable technology and opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to navigation and communication.

Google Maps for WearOS: Phone-less connectivity on LTE Pixel watch and Galaxy Watch

Google Maps for Wear OS has finally rolled out phoneless navigation on LTE smartwatches. This has been a long time coming, and it’s great to see that Google is finally bringing this feature to its wearable platform.

Google Maps on Wear OS allows you to search for destinations and get directions without your phone. You can also see real-time traffic information and estimated travel times. And if you have an LTE-connected smartwatch, you can even use Google Maps without your phone nearby.

This is a great addition for anyone who owns a Wear OS smartwatch with LTE connectivity. It’s especially useful for people who are always on the go and only sometimes have their phones handy. With phoneless navigation, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost or not being able to find your way around town.

This is a great feature for those with LTE watches, such as Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch 5, and cellular plans. Currently, Google Maps for Wear OS supports cycling, driving, and walking navigation. Another neat feature is that it takes over navigation if you leave your phone behind if you’ve enabled mirroring.

 How to use Phone-less Google Map on WearOS smartwatch

  1. Open Maps from your watch.
  2. Use the voice or keyboard tool to input your destination. You can also tap the map to view your location.
  3. Select your mode of transportation. From here, you can view your ETA.
  4. Start your walk, bicycle, or car trip.

How to set up mirroring on your phone and watch

  1. To mirror your navigation session on both phone and watch, go to Settings> Mirroring.
  2. Turn on Mirror on the phone.

Tip: For watch based navigation only, turn off Mirror on the phone.

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