New Galaxy K Series devices appeared on the testing server Bluetooth SIG and BIS

Besides the flagship Galaxy S23, Samsung is also preparing to launch its other devices. Previously, rumours regarding mid-range Galaxy phones such as Galaxy M54, Galaxy A34, and Galaxy A54 had been found, and now some unconfirmed K Series phones have also appeared on the testing server of Bluetooth SIG and BIS certification. Let’s take a look at the info we have received regarding them.

Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy K748 smartphone device, which has model no. SM-K748U has been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website. This benchmarking database has also revealed a key detail regarding this device. As per the database, the Galaxy K748 phone will get Bluetooth 5.3 support. It seems that the model that appeared on the Bluetooth SIG is the US variant of the respective device.

Apart from this, the same Galaxy K748 device has appeared on the BIS certification website as well, but with a different model number. The BIS spotted Galaxy K748 device has model no. SM-K748B/DS, which represents that it may be the Indian variant of the same Galaxy device. Besides it, two other Galaxy phones have also appeared on the BIS server with model no. SM-K746B/DS and SM-K741B/DS.

Informatively, it is expected that the other two phones, the Galaxy K748, which also appeared on the BIS certification, could be launched as the Galaxy K746 and Galaxy K741 devices. Unfortunately, those benchmarking databases didn’t reveal any of the specifications of these phones; the only thing we have known is Galaxy K748’s Bluetooth 5.3 support. Similarly, info regarding their launch date is still not known.

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