Samsung Galaxy S23 will probably debut with a new Fast Pair feature

Google is currently working on a new feature of ‘Fast Pair’, which is said to arrive with Samsung’s upcoming flagship series Galaxy S23. As its name reads, the ‘Fast Pair’ is helpful for a faster pairing of your smartphone with other Smart products such as Watches, Buds, and others. Its new feature will probably be available to experience in real aspects by Feb 1st, 2023, with the Galaxy S23 series’s launch.

Fast Pair Feature For Galaxy S23 Series

For those who are unaware, the Fast Pair automatically activates whenever the phone finds any nearby device which is available for pairing, no matter if it is a new tablet or a replacement phone. Notably, while setting up any particular device, you will lead to the installation of the relevant application, which will help to share your data with the paired device. In the Galaxy devices’ case, it requires the Samsung Smart Switch application.

This feature lets the user pair their smartphone with compatible Headphones and WearOS booted smartwatches; in Samsung’s manner, there is currently Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5. Some other devices are also said to join the compatible device list in the future, which may be the Stylus Pens and Tracking Tags. Informatively, Fast Pair is currently a part of Google Play Services in Android.

Nota bene, this new Fast Pair feature will appear with the Galaxy S23 series (most probably). After being officially launched, it may reach the other compatible flagship devices as well.

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