Samsung improves connectivity features in One UI 5.1

Samsung devices run on Android devices which makes them easy to establish a connection with Android devices and PCs, but due to some limitations of Android OS, other Android devices are way behind Galaxy devices because of the One UI 5.0.

There are a lot of connectivity features available, like the connected device menu; this option makes it easy to access features and find whether they work with other devices, such as quick share, smart view, and Samsung Dex. It is easier to connect the PC to your mobile hotspot, as you can easily surf the internet on your PC without turning on the mobile hotspot on your smartphone and without entering a password.

One UI 5.1 brings more functions to improve connectivity

With the latest One UI 5.1 there, a lot of new functions will be introduced for better content sharing and establishing a proper connection between devices; let’s discuss these features briefly:

Samsung Notes

Now you can create a shared note that can be easily edited by multiple users at the same time, which can be helpful in various occasions like writing reports with colleagues, taking notes for a study group, or drawing a picture with a friend.

Inviting to shared apps is now easy

With the latest update of One UI 5.1, you can easily invite people to shared apps, including albums, notes, and calendars, using a link that can be shared through apps like messenger, email, and social networks.

Advanced multi-control between Galaxy Book and smartphone

It is now easy to use your Galaxy’s mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, not only with your Galaxy tablet but also with your Galaxy smartphone. You can easily copy and paste text and drag and drop images from one device to another as if it were the same device.

Media output for Wifi speakers

Now if you want to continue listening to music on Wifi speakers via Spotify Connect and the built-in Chromecast, simply open Media Output from the Quick Access Toolbar, not from the music apps.

Continue browsing on the PC

If you surf the web using Samsung Internet on your smartphone and then continue browsing on your PC, you can find the websites you have opened on your smartphone and continue browsing them using the PC browser.

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