These PC-related features of One UI 5.1 will surely blow your mind

After the One UI 5.1’s launch, its tremendous features are grabbing everyone’s attention towards it. This recently launched One UI 5.1 update made its official debut with the Galaxy S23 series on February 1st, 2023. The update has a plate full of offerings, which you can find here in our previous dedicated article. Notably, this additional UI update has brought some PC-Smartphone connectivity-related features as well. 

Let us inform you that the recently unveiled One UI 5.1 update has brought a total of two PC-related features, which are- “Continue browsing on PC” and “Use mobile hotspot on the PC with a single click.” Both of these will make your smartphone’s connectivity with your Personal Computer (PC) device easy. Out of them, the mobile hotspot-related feature is similar to the one that Apple offers to its iPhone devices. Let’s know what it is. 

Use the mobile hotspot on the PC with a single click

First, let us talk about the Apple-like mobile hotspot-related feature. This feature will let you connect your PC with your mobile’s hotspot without even performing any ‘turn on’ operation on your phone. It doesn’t require typing the password, either. However, there is a limitation to this feature. Want to use it, your smartphone device should have One UI 5.1 (as it’s a One UI 5.1 offering), and your PC should have Windows12H2 or a later version in it. 

Continue browsing on the PC

Now moving on to the other feature, which is ‘Continue browsing on PC.’ This feature will be helpful for you while you are browsing on ‘Samsung Internet’ on your phone, and you need to switch your phone with the PC, but you don’t like to open all the tabs again on the new device (PC). In that case, the ‘continue browsing PC’ device will be helpful for you; it will restore all your phone’s tabs on the PC browser when you switch them up. 

However, to use this feature on your devices, it requires the One UI 5.1 on your phone (as it is also a One UI 5.1 feature) and Windows 20H1 or later version on your PC. Other than this, ‘Phone Link’ and ‘Link to Windows’ also need to be up to date (updated to the latest version) to use the respected feature. 

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