Verizon releases new firmware for Galaxy A42 5G in the US

Verizon is rolling out a new security update for the Galaxy A42 5G; it is the first post-update after the major update of Android 13. As per the official documentation of Samsung, the device is only eligible for two security updates in a year, so the device has received last year’s second update, which means it will grab two more security updates this year.

As of now, the carrier-locked variant of the Galaxy A42 5G device is receiving the November 2022 security patch update, which is affiliated with the Verizon network. The update carries version number A426USQU4DWA3; it is also worth noticing that the device has received the update a second time with the same security patch; let’s check out why this is happening.

Verizon releases second update under November 2022 security patch

Usually, Samsung releases a security update once a time which brings several patches that fix several security vulnerabilities, but in this case, the second update will bring some improvements and stability for the device; it may be some more optimisation for the latest Android 13 update. 

So the users who own the Galaxy A42 device should install the latest update to fix the issues which may occur after Android 13.

The Galaxy A42 5G was launched in 2020 and came with Android 10 later, the device received three more Android updates and is currently running on Android 13, but now the device is no longer eligible for any further Android updates.

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