Samsung plans to remove single-use plastic from all of its Galaxy devices by 2050

Samsung has taken many big steps for the betterment of the environment and moving ahead, the company is planning to introduce its new products with recycled plastic and aims to remove the use of single-use plastic from its products by 2050. To achieve this goal, the company also has a first set of goals which is half the use of single plastic by 2030.

The Korean giant has also introduced its latest accessories in Korea which are made from using recyclable plastic; you can know more about it by reading our previous articles about eco-friendly accessories for Galaxy devices.

Samsung is started implementing recyclable plastic use in its flagship smartphones

According to the information, Samsung has used recycled material for making the 12 parts of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, while the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ devices have 11 components that are made from recycled plastic; furthermore, the previous Ultra model i.e., Galaxy S22 Ultra has also assembled with 6 recycled parts.

Galaxy S23 devices are the first devices whose exterior parts are made from recyclable plastic, while the Galaxy S22 ultra has interior parts which are made from recycled plastic.

Samsung will use more recyclable materials for its upcoming products

Additionally, the company has specified that it will use all the waste material which can be recyclable such as plastic bottles, recycled aluminum, fishing net, and recycled glass.

Vice President Park added, “The waste fishing net is a kind of nylon material that is vulnerable to moisture, so it is difficult to get the exact dimensions when making precise parts.”

 The company has also stated it will be so sophisticated to work with the waste material as it brings more challenges of durability and quality; however, the company will keep special attention to its product durability and focus on making world-class products as well.

Furthermore, the company has promised that it has used 100% recyclable paper for making the package box of Galaxy S23. The plastic film is also changed with the same recyclable paper and will use the same material for the upcoming products as well.

Samsung Electronics plans to carry out a total of 4 OS upgrades and 5 years of security updates after the release of the Galaxy S23. It supports consumers to enjoy the best experience within the period of use and to use the product for a longer period of time. In addition, through the Samsung Care+ program, consumers are relieved of the burden of damage and repair, contributing to the extension of product life.

Moreover, Samsung is taking this as social responsibility and set the goal to remove the use of single-use material from its products as soon as possible, to fulfil this dream the company will surely use recyclable products and contribute something to the environment.

Regarding this, Samsung Electronics explained, “We are prioritizing corporate social responsibility and at the same time innovating materials based on technological leadership.” Vice President Park also added that rather than raising prices, “the goal is to approach the aspect of maximizing the parts that can be optimized even after product launch.” 

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