Samsung Plans to Launch Galaxy S23 FE in Late 2023

After reading the head, you think that it may be a typo mistake. Still, we are seriously talking about Galaxy S23 FE, as Samsung has released the FE variants of many S series devices, including Galaxy S20 FE and Galaxy S21 FE. This time the company is planning to launch the FE variant of Galaxy S23; if you’re wondering about the S22 FE, we are clear that the Korean giant has dropped the plan to introduce the devices because of chip shortage.

The S23 FE confirmation comes from Hankooki, a south Korean publication; it is claiming that Samsung will launch the FE model of Galaxy S23 later this year; it clears the confusion which most users are thinking that Samsung may discontinue the fan edition model of the S series device, moving ahead the report also claims that the Korean giant skips the plan of Galaxy A74.

Moreover, it also tells about the reason for the cancellation of the Galaxy A74; it said when Samsung released the Galaxy A73, it had not shown much popularity among customers. It booked about 3 million units sold only, which is one-third of, and its predecessor device, and as compared to previous years, the market uncertainty is very high, which directly impacts the sales volume, so it may reschedule the launch.

Samsung also fears the sales of the Fan edition series as well because the S20 FE was the only device that was much popular, but after then, the further generation of FE devices didn’t get much attention from the customers and saw negative growth in the market. However, the company is planning to boost the market of the FE device with Galaxy S23 FE by expanding its availability to more countries.

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